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About us

5 Rose is based in Chennai, our brand has been producing 100% natural

5 Rose is considered to be an essential in kitchens all across India. Our ingredients are hand-picked from the best source and are sorted, grounded by a low temperature grinding process and packaged under fully automated conditions maintaining our legacy of delivering the perfect flavours of India.

About 5 Rose

We have the perfect blend of technology and manual processes. Certain sorting and cutting processes are carried out by hand in order to retain desired integrity of the product.

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We implement stringent quality management
We have a strong team of quality management experts

All processes – procurement and sorting of raw materials, cleaning/drying, grinding, blending and packaging are certified.

Our state-of-the-art machinery

Processes, which are at par with the best global standards, coupled with a strong team of technical experts, technological innovation in the world of food.


usually looks towards one’s strongest skill, as that’s always the best bet to help stay afloat. And, thus, Suhana’s founders launched into the production

Next Generation Got Involved

The couple used only fresh raw materials from the market and customers just loved the recipes and the quality of the masalas.

5 Rose Enterprises
All our manufacturing facilities adhere to Good Manufacturing Practice